Work on this line originates from the development of the Electromechanical Valve for Solids (EVS), which is a novel device for flow control of granular materials using electrical effects. The development has now stimulated research on the electromechanics of particulate systems.

In a further recent development, the electrical clamping phenomenon is used to promote the coalescence of the water droplets and to enhance their separation forma continousoil phase.

Spraying and prilling of extremely viscous liquids and suspensions produces very large droplets which may be unsuitable for further processing. Here again the elctrostatic phenomenonis used to reduce and control the droplet size.

Finally, tribo-electrification of powders are of interest as they cause segregation, flow problems and are an explosion hazard.

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  • Characterisation of the tribo-electric properties of pharmaceutical powders
  • Tribo-electrification and Associated Segregation of Formulated Bulk Powders
  • Tribo-electrification of pharmaceutical powders
  • Flow and Electrical Behaviour of Powders in the Electromechanical Valve For Solids
  • Electrostatically-Assisted Production of Viscous Drops
  • Electrostatic Enhancement of Coalescence of Water Droplets in Oil

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