Size enlargement processes transform an assembly of fine particles into larger multiparticle entities in which the original particles can still be distinguished.

Our research has addressed the effect of scaling up on the granule structure and strength and the mechanism of formation of seeded granules. Extensive work has been carried out on particle attrition in agitate beds by analysing the stress and strain distributions in DEM and combining these with shear cell breakage data. Our work also focuses on the identification and analysis of the factors that affect the structure and physical properties of granules as a function of the operating conditions and scale. The current project is investigation of auto-granulation of cohesive powders under vibration.

Related Projects

Current Projects

  • Auto-Granulation Behaviour of Fine, Cohesive Powders

Recent Projects

  • Influence of Scaling-Up of High Shear Granulators on the Evolved Structure and Properties of Granules
  • Continious Granulation by Nejat

Past Projects

Related Publications

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  • Hare, C., Ghadiri, M., Dennehy, R. 2011, “Prediction of Attrition in Agitated Particle Beds“, Chemical Engineering Science, 66(20), 4757-4770.