Colin Hare
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  • Address: Institute of Particle Science and Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT


  • (+44) 0113 343 2407
About Me

Colin graduated with MEng honours in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds in 2006. He received the student of the year award during the 3rd and 4th years of his study. In 2010 he completed his PhD entitled particle breakage in dryers at IPSE, the University of Leeds, under the supervision of Mojtaba Ghadiri. This project was sponsored by the EPSRC and GlaxoSmithKline. The project utilised DEM simulations to estimate stresses occurring in agitated dryers. Attrition occurring in a shear cell was analysed experimentally and coupled with the DEM simulations to give a prediction of attrition in agitated dryers. He received the Young Researcher of the Year Award at the UK Particle Technology Forum, Loughborough, in 2012. Colin became a research fellow in 2010, initially investigating the flowability of cohesive powders, specifically investigating the influence of particle shape on flowability. He is currently analysing the stress and strain fields in the FT4 Powder Rheometer using DEM. Colin received a grant from the International Fine Particle Research Institute (IFPRI) in 2013 to collaborate with Jin Ooi of University of Edinburgh in developing grindability tests for milling applications. In 2014 Colin received a project grant from IFPRI to investigate “flowability of weakly consolidated powders”.

Research Interests

Powder flowability; particularly at low stresses and high strain rates
Attrition of particulate solids
DEM/CFD simulations
Particle coating
Analysis of particle properties


Dynamic Stress Analysis of the Freeman FT4 Powder Rheometer