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Umair graduated with MEng honours in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds. During his undergraduate studies Umair completed summer placement with chemical manufacturing company as part of ‘International Corporate Leadership Program’ placement scheme, dealing with manufacturing techniques, quality control and plant safety. In third year, Umair was awarded the best design project of the year award by Nexia Solution. He then worked on summer school project followed by Master research project, investigating the visualisation and measurement effects of horizontal multi-phase flow systems. In 2013 he completed his PhD entitled Flowability of Cohesive Powders at IPSE,  University of Leeds, under the supervision of Prof. M.Ghadiri. This project was sponsored by the EPSRC and NNL/SL.

Umair  finished a Knowledge Transfer Secondment (KTS) programme investigating segregation tendency of powder mixtures, as part of a collaborative project with Procter and Gamble in 2014. Umair then worked as a research fellow in Institute of Particle Science and Engineering at University of Leeds, investigating the grindability of powders using a non-captive bed vertical roller mill. This project is a collaboration between industry and academia focussing on new opportunities in particle design, sponsored by AMSCI. He is currently a lead research fellow at the University of Leeds on ‘Centre for Manufacturing Design’ in collaboration with AstraZeneca, investigating chemical and physical engineering issues involved in ensuring reliable production of pharmaceutical materials. This includes designing and developing process methods, formulation, conditions and scaling up.

Research Interests


Particle characterisation

Flowability of cohesive powders

Size enlargement/agglomeration

Powder Tribology

Powder Tribo-electric charging

Powder Segregation

Material grindability/milling

DEM/CFD simulations



Flowability of Cohesive Powders
Measurement of Segregation Tendency
Grindability of Powders in a Non-Captive Bed Vertical Roller Mill