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Wei Pin obtained his first degree in Mechatronic Engineering from the Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC), Malaysia in 2011. He was elected as the ‘PSDC Top Student in Diploma of Mechatronic Engineering 2011’ and ‘PSDC Overall Top student in Diploma of Engineering 2011’. Upon completing his diploma study, he was then awarded a scholarship to further his study in the UK. He finished his Master degree in Mechanical Engineering with a first class honour from the University of Hull in 2014. During his last year of master study, he was appointed as a researcher looking at developing a miniaturised aerosol particle analyser as a side project. Following that, Wei Pin further pursued his doctorate research at the University of Leeds under the supervision of Professor Mojtaba Ghadiri with his thesis titled “Attrition and Phase Changes during Agitated Filter Bed Drying”. He was also involved in ADDoPT project (Advanced Digital Design of Pharmaceutical Therapeutics), looking at milling of pharmaceutical materials. He is now a research fellow, working on a EPSRC funded project called Friction: The Tribology Enigma.

Research Interests
Material and Powder Characterisation
Discrete Element Method (DEM)
Particle Shape and Breakage
Polymorphic Transformation
Crystal Dehydration/Rehydration

Attrition and Phase Changes during Agitated Filter Bed Drying

ADDoPT: WP 4.6 Milling of Pharmaceutical Materials

Friction: The Tribology Enigma


Saifoori, S., Goh, W.P., Ali, M. & Ghadiri, M. (2019). Impact breakage of acicular crystals. Powder Technol. doi:

Goh, W.P., Ali, M., Sinha, K., Nere, N., Ho, R., Bordawekar, S., Sheikh, A. & Ghadiri, M. (2019). Assessment of impact breakage of carbamazepine dihydrate due to aerodynamic dispersion. Int. J. Pharm. doi:

Goh, W.P., Ghadiri, M., Muller, F., Sinha, K., Nere, N., Ho, R., Bordawekar, S. & Sheikh, A. (2017). Stress analysis of an agitated particle bed with different particle aspect ratios by the discrete element method. EPJ Web Conf. doi:10.1051/epjconf/201714006022

❖ European Symposium on Comminution and Classification 2015 (ESCC)
❖ International Congress on Particle Technology 2016 (PARTEC) [Link to Presentation]
❖ The joint IFPRI Robert Pfeffer symposium and UK Particle Technology Forum 2016 (IFPRI-PTUK) [Link to Poster]
❖ UK Particle Technology Forum 2017 (UKPTF) [Link to Poster]
❖ IFPRI 2018
❖ International Congress on Particle Technology 2019 (PARTEC)
❖ European Symposium on Comminution and Classification 2019 (ESCC)
❖ DEM8
❖ Particles 2019
IFPRI Travel Award 2018
IChemE Young Researcher Award Third Prize 2019